This bar is named for the day I created it! To celebrate Joe Biden's inaguration, I made soap! This one is scented with a complex fragrance blend that focused on individuals with a free-spirit, love for mankind, who have a desire to promote conservation of our environment. This unique fragrance has a very fresh greenery base of clover, ivy and aloe, combined with exciting notes of grapefruit, orange, tangerine, and persimmon. It smells delightful.


We had made a small change to our recipe when we made this bar so it didn't come out exactly as we'd planned. It's still going to be plenty usable... it's just not quite as pretty as we'd hoped. There are some white spots of Titanium Dioxide (our white colorant) that didn't fully disolve... they aren't harmful, just not as pretty as we wanted. Price discount reflects our errors :)

Inauguration Day

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