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Micro-batch, vegan, & palm-free soaps


We're SHOCKED!!!

What an amazing way to end our first year in business! With very few exceptions, our cupboards are bare and we are SOLD OUT for Christmas. Thanks to our wonderful customers for supporting us through an unbelievable launch year! There's still time to get Gift Cards and we'll be RESTOCKING with LOADS OF FABULOUS NEW SOAPS in the New Year! Be sure to follow us on Facebook to get first access to all of our new inventory! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our Story

It started with a Birthday Gift

A case of someone knowing you better than you know yourself, my wonderful husband bought me a book on soap making for my birthday when I hadn't even considered soap making as a hobby. He encouraged me to try and the rest isn't history... it's the story we're writing today!

Naturally Simple

I knew soaps you bought in the store were full of chemicals, but I didn't think there was any way around it that wouldn't be offensive to those around me (peeyoo!) I also had it in my head that bar soaps were, as a default, drying and bad for your skin. Then, I learned about artisan soap. By handcrafting each batch myself I know every ingredient that goes into it and I can customize ingredients to include the most nourishing options to create a balanced bar that will leave you feeling fresh and clean, but not dried out.

Beautiful products with a label full of ingredients you can pronounce and understand. Simplicity is all you need to get clean!