Frequently asked questions

Are your soaps all natural?

Our soaps are made in micro-batches from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. They contain only oils, sodium hydroxide (lye), mica colorants, and fragrance oils. Essential oils can be difficult to work with and are extremely expensive and therefore we rely on tried-and-true fragrance oils to bring our soaps to life. These fragrance oils may contain synthetic fragrance ingredients.

You use lye in your soap? Isn't that dangerous?

Lye by itself is dangerous! That's why I have all kinds of PPE to wear while I'm making soap. But here's the thing... if it's not made with fats/oils and lye, it's not soap - it's a synthetic detergent. Making soap with fats and lye is the way it's been done for hundreds of years. Once the lye binds with the fats it goes through a chemical process called saponification and all the lye is transformed - no lye remains in the final product.

Can I order a custom design/fragrance/color?

You betcha! Please contact us so we can figure out the details!

Why are you called "Cheeky Monkey"?

Umm... because it's adorable. Just like us!