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The beginning of a journey

Amanda Johnson Headshot.jpeg

Meet Amanda

My soap-making journey is just beginning and I'm thrilled to have you along with me! I hadn't even considered soaping as a hobby when my fabulous husband, Eric bought me a book on soap-making for my 41st birthday. He encouraged me to buy all the necessary equipment and give it a shot. After the first batch, I was hooked - and so were my friends and family. Posting photos of my first batch to facebook to share what I had created earned me multiple requests to purchase my soaps... and Cheeky Monkey Soaps was born!​

By day, I am a chorus director and music teacher to a fantastic group of 7th and 8th graders. In my free time (when I'm not making soap) I sing with the fabulous, American Prize winning, Illuminati Vocal Arts Ensemble out of Amherst, MA. I also have two beautiful children - Laurie (7) and Alec (4) who keep me on my toes. My amazing husband, Eric (who got all this craziness started) can be found feeding me inspiration for my next batch of soap when he's not teaching high school English or working on his writing. (Check him out at !)

We're quite the busy family, but I am so happy to share a small (bubbly) bit of it with you!

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