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Micro-batch, vegan,

& palm-free soaps


Our Story

It started with a Birthday Gift

A case of someone knowing you better than you know yourself, my wonderful husband bought me a book on soap making for my birthday when I hadn't even considered soap making as a hobby. He encouraged me to try and the rest isn't history... it's the story we're writing today!

Naturally Simple

I knew soaps you bought in the store were full of chemicals, but I didn't think there was any way around it that wouldn't be offensive to those around me (peeyoo!) I also had it in my head that bar soaps were, as a default, drying and bad for your skin. Then, I learned about artisan soap. By handcrafting each batch myself I know every ingredient that goes into it and I can customize ingredients to include the most nourishing options to create a balanced bar that will leave you feeling fresh and clean, but not dried out.

Beautiful products with a label full of ingredients you can pronounce and understand. Simplicity is all you need to get clean!